Cash gets World Series ring in mail

Cash gets World Series ring in mail

ST. LOUIS -- Catcher Kevin Cash received his New York Yankees 2009 World Series ring in the mail Saturday in Houston and promptly gave it to his wife for safe keeping. Cash appeared in 10 games for the Yankees last year before a shoulder injury cut his season short.

"It was beautiful," Cash said. "It came in a nice box, and I heard for another player they did the same thing. The 'NY' was raised on [the ring], and they did a good job. It's in white gold, and it even brings out the diamonds on it even more. There was a letter in the case from [Yankees general manager] Brian Cashman saying, 'Thank you for your contribution.'"

Cash is a member of an exclusive club, one that includes Babe Ruth. He has a World Series ring with both the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. He played 11 games for the Red Sox in 2007, but wasn't on the postseason roster.

He plans to keep the Yankees ring handy for a while before putting them in a safe place.

"I'm probably going to get a safety deposit box or something," he said. "I'll keep it for a little while and show people that want to see it, and after that I'm going to put it up."