Singleton working to shorten his swing

Singleton working to shorten his swing

HOUSTON -- Astros first baseman Jon Singleton and outfielder L.J. Hoes did some extensive work in the batting cage on the field Monday with hitting coach John Mallee. Singleton is hitting .178 with seven homers and 24 RBIs in 163 at-bats since he was called up and signed to contract.

"I'm trying to get the big-muscle-bodyness out of his swing and trying to get him more direct to the ball, shorten his path," Mallee said. "He's been overswinging and hitting long. We came out and did some tee work on the field and some flips and some high-velocity short pitch to where the ball is on him almost at the same reaction time as it is the game."

Mallee called the results "absolutely amazing" and said now it's a matter of Singleton trusting it enough to use in games.

"I'm trying to get better each and every day," Singleton said. "I'm trying to make small adjustments and trying to adjust to what they throw me and stuff like that and trying to time the ball better. Nothing too major. Just daily adjustments."

Mallee said he's going to get the struggling Hoes to stay behind the ball and drive it more.

"He's gets a little to his front side and his posture, his head is more forward as opposed to the center of his body or a little behind," Mallee said. "Trying to get him to lead out with his hip, and that allows him to be direct the ball and also get the barrel under his hands at contact and get left to the ball."

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