New show to focus on Astros players

New show to focus on Astros players

ST. LOUIS -- An all-access look at the lives of Astros players and their time away from the ballpark will be the focus of a new television show called "Here's the Pitch," which debuts at 5 p.m. CT Thursday on Fox Sports Houston.

The 30-minute, reality-style program, which is hosted by Jennifer Vogel, will focus on the lifestyles and personalities of players and their families. The show will take viewers to players' favorite hangouts, as well as show what they do in the community.

The series also will utilize social media sites Twitter and Facebook to connect fans directly with their favorite players. Viewers will have an opportunity to submit questions that Astros players will answer on the show.

"We're excited about this series, because it humanizes the team," said Steve Tello, FOX Sports Houston's senior vice president/general manager. "We do a good job of presenting and televising the games, now Astros fans will find out how the players spend their lives outside of baseball."

New episodes will air Fridays in September at 5:30 p.m. or 6 p.m.

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