Castro unsure about ban on home-plate collisions

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Astros catcher Jason Castro isn't so sure he's ready for baseball to ban home-plate collisions -- a belief made public this week by Cardinals manager Mike Matheny.

"It's part of the game," said Castro, who can see both sides of the argument. "I've been hit a few times. It's a dangerous part of the sport. I think, either way, there needs to be kind of a decision one way or the other. … There would have to be a complete ban or leave it the way it is.

"If they try to change the rules and in the heat of the moment trying to remember what's allowed, what's not allowed, those kinds of things, that's what really can get guys hurt when there's in-between thinking."

Castro was bowled over in a nasty collision at the plate last year with Milwaukee's Mat Gamel, who lowered his shoulder and plowed into Castro. He held onto the ball and stayed in the game.

"It's not something you ever really think about until it happens," Castro said. "It's over so fast. Even when I got hit last year in Milwaukee, the rest of the game I wasn't thinking about it after that. There have been guys who have suffered bad injuries, and I can see why people would be pushing for a rule change, because you don't want to see guys hurt. I definitely understand that side of the argument."