Porter draws inspiration from music

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Astros manager Bo Porter welcomed a couple of reporters into his office following Sunday's workout and invited them to listen to his favorite song, "Hold Me Now," by gospel artist Kirk Franklin. Porter sang along at times and pointed out some of the most inspirational lines.

"The plan is perfect, even when I'm not," Porter repeated.

Porter tries to draw as much inspiration as he can from just about anything, including music, and he knows the players are no different. Porter, who spent the previous two years in Washington, then plugged in his cell phone and played parts of the Nationals' pregame song, Lil' Jon's "Get Outta Your Mind," and their postgame victory song, Kid Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness."

Porter said there's no way all the players in a clubhouse will like the same kind of music, but having a common song to rally around forces the team to come together.

"It creates a culture where guys have to step out of their comfort zone and adapt," he said.