Gonzalez takes scenic route to Spring Training

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- No Astros player had a longer trip to Spring Training than pitcher Edgar Gonzalez.

About 12 hours after he helped his native Mexico win the Caribbean World Series in Hermosillo, Sonora, last week, Gonzalez packed his white truck with his luggage and began an 1,800-mile drive to Kissimmee that took him 34 hours to complete.

He stopped in Laredo, Texas, to pick up a friend and spend the night. He wound up spending about $700 in gasoline.

"It's a big truck," Gonzalez said.

Still, Gonzalez said being behind the wheel was better than flying.

"I had all my luggage in my truck and that was an important thing," Gonzalez said. "I put everything in my truck, and I like to do that. If something happens, I have my truck and I have everything in there. No problem. I don't like to fly and pay for extra luggage, because it's extra, extra, extra. I bring like six pieces of luggage, and if I can fly, I can only bring two or three. I figured that was much better."