Laird looks forward to watching brother in playoffs

Laird looks forward to watching brother in playoffs

CHICAGO -- Astros infielder Brandon Laird will be watching the playoffs a little more closely than the rest of his teammates. Laird's older brother, Gerald, plays for the Tigers, who clinched the American League Central division title on Monday.

In fact, Gerald Laird hit a three-run double in the sixth inning that broke open Detroit's 6-3 win.

"I knew last night he was going to be celebrating, so I haven't talked to him, but I saw the highlights and I saw when he got the bases-loaded double," Brandon said. "It's exciting. Unfortunately, when I got home after the season, we usually go on a fishing trip every year, and the last two years he hasn't been able to do that because he has been in the postseason. That's a good reason to miss."

The older Laird, a 10-year Major league veteran, won a championship ring last year with the Cardinals, and Brandon watched the first two games of the World Series at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Laird plans to watch his brother play again this year.

"When I go home, I'm going to see what's gone on and definitely go out there with my family," he said. "They have a good team, so we'll see what happens."