Texas skipper Washington an advocate for Porter

Texas skipper Washington an advocate for Porter

MILWAUKEE -- The hiring of Bo Porter to be the Astros' 17th manager was met with approval from Ron Washington, who manages the Texas Rangers and will play Houston 19 times next year when the teams are aligned in the American League West.

Washington was on the staff of the Oakland A's in 2000, when Porter was a player.

"I know Bo well," Washington said. "He's a very good baseball man. He cares about his players. He was a player-coach. He was one of those guys who is always willing to share his experiences in the game. I'm happy he got an opportunity to manage. He'll do a good job. He's honest, he's fair and he knows the game. He'll work hard. He'll be a working manager."

Some of the Astros' success in the next few years will depend on how they do against the Rangers, but Washington thinks Porter is a good fit in Houston.

"He'll blaze his own trail and get those guys to play the game the way it should be played," he said. "He'll surround himself with good people and go to work."

Porter called Washington last winter for tips on how to be a good third-base coach. "I'll be around to answer anything," he said. "It will certainly be from the heart, because my credibility is at stake. But he's a friend."