Astros injury-induced infield shuffle should end soon

Astros injury-induced infield shuffle should end soon

CINCINNATI -- The Astros have had to do some serious shuffling around the infield because of all the injuries that have plagued the team of late.

Five different infielders are currently listed on the Astros injury report, but the good news is, the juggling act may not have to last too long.

Marwin Gonzales, Brandon Laird, Scott Moore and Jose Altuve are all listed as day-to-day injuries and should return soon.

Astros manager Tony DeFrancesco had to turn to essentially the fourth man on the depth chart -- Matt Downs -- to fill in at third base Friday night, before Matt Dominguez's unexpected early return.

The interim manager will have to do much of the same the rest of the weekend, plugging in infielder-turned-outfielder Jimmy Paredes at second, Tyler Greene at short and using Downs as a "super-utility" guy for a few days.