Lowrie's rehab may be cut short if Hooks' season ends

Lowrie's rehab may be cut short if Hooks' season ends

CINCINNATI -- Jed Lowrie's return to Houston may be just around the corner.

Lowrie, who has been out since the middle of July with a nerve injury in his right leg, is set to begin his rehab stint Friday with double-A Corpus Christi, filling in as the designated hitter.

It would be Lowrie's first action since the injury, but his assignment may not last very long. Entering Friday, the Hooks were down 0-2 in the playoffs, and their season would end with another loss.

"We're hoping Corpus wins [Friday] and hopefully they get through Sunday and give Jed some reps in the field," said Astros manager Tony DeFrancesco. "He'd be a great addition to our infield here, especially [since Tyler] Greene's been going every day. He could use a day off. Jed gives you a professional bat. It's a bat we're looking forward to having."

If Corpus Christi does continue to win, DeFrancesco said the plan is for Lowrie to play five innings in the field Saturday. The club said no definite plan was in place if Corpus Christi is eliminated early.

"[Lowrie's return] is a very positive thing for us going into this final month," DeFrancesco said. "We're just hoping they'll make it through Sunday and if not, the Lancaster team is still in the playoffs. I'm not sure what the plan is after that."