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Luhnow restructuring scouting department

Luhnow restructuring scouting department

Luhnow restructuring scouting department
HOUSTON -- Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow is working with new director of scouting Mike Elias to reshape the club's scouting department. Luhnow said Elias and national cross-checker David Post met earlier this week to go over the organization of the entire department.

"Mike and I have batted that about, too, and really what they're looking at is a restructuring of the department that fits our needs going forward," Luhnow said. "There's going to be some personnel moves coming out of that."

Luhnow said some geographical alignments of some scouting assignments could be changed, as well as implementing a larger scouting staff. In other words, the Astros are going to have more scouts in more places.


"The intent is to align our scouting department in a way that will help us perform the best we can in the Drafts and making sure our scouts are located in the right area where the talent is," Luhnow said. "That necessitated some changes, but we're pretty excited about the group of scouts we do have. We will be adding some new scouts to the group, too."