Astros look to throwback jerseys for repeat win

Astros look to throwback jerseys for repeat win

HOUSTON -- On Friday, when the Astros wore the blue and gold star jerseys that the club sported from 1994-99 as part of a Flashback Friday promotion, the team pulled off its first walk-off win of the season.

Since the jerseys worked so well the first time, they figured they should wear them again.

Moments after Friday's on-field celebration, a couple of the players asked manager Brad Mills if they could wear the throwback uniforms on Saturday. Mills liked the idea and pushed it through the proper channels, which included the league office. After getting the OK from the Brewers, the Astros made the decision -- they'd wear the throwbacks again.

"I think the guys like them," Mills said. "I thought they looked good."

Some of the players in the clubhouse on Saturday weren't aware that they'd be wearing the jerseys again. First baseman Scott Moore said the jerseys were definitely well liked, however.

"Even before the game, before the walk-off win, guys were saying, 'I wish we could wear these all year,'" Moore said.

So if the Astros start a winning streak on Saturday, will they wear them until a loss?

"Let's go today and we'll see what happens," Mills said, smiling.