Lowrie confident he'll play again this season

Lowrie confident he'll play again this season

HOUSTON -- Astros shortstop Jed Lowrie, who's been on the disabled list since July 15 with a sprained right ankle and an injury to the peroneal nerve in his leg, said Thursday he's confident he'll return to action at some point this season.

Lowrie has been undergoing daily rehab in Houston and has been wearing a brace to limit the mobility in his knee, though it's getting better. While the ankle has healed, Lowrie has a ways to go before being game ready. He was examined by a doctor Wednesday.

"I think it will certainly be by the end of the year, and as far as when specifically, I think it's a moving target just because it's a really atypical injury and there's not a lot of precedent on a hard timeline," he said. "I think would make it a lot easier if there were, but there's not."

Lowrie has been taking his rehab slowly, beginning with just an hour a day before progressing to more intense reps on his leg to make it stronger.

"I guess I'm pretty optimistic, so I always thought that there was going to be an opportunity to come back this year, but I don't know what internally they're saying about it," he said. "I always felt like with no structural damage, and since it happened only a couple of days after the All-Star break, I had time to get it right and play the last few weeks of the season."