Mills reminds players to not worry about trade talk

Mills reminds players to not worry about trade talk

HOUSTON -- Astros manager Brad Mills took time prior to Monday's game to meet with his starting pitchers, relief pitchers and position players in separate groups to, in part, remind them to not worry about any trade rumors that could percolate in the final week before the Trade Deadline.

The Astros already have made three deals in July to acquire young players in exchange for veterans, and the roster has been in constant flux.

"Guys are being sent down, guys are being called up and being traded," Mills said. "I have no control over that. They have no control over that, and that does not help us out in the field. I want to make sure our heads are in the right place when it comes to those things about making the plays, making the pitches, having quality at-bats and things of that nature."

Mills admitted the outside distractions have a tendency to affect a team's play.

"They've played hard, but you always have to play good, solid baseball," Mills said. "Sometimes when you play hard, good baseball, that gets overlooked. I want to make sure it's not overlooked. It wasn't overlooked on the last road trip, and I wanted to make sure they were doing the things needed to do to get better to improve."