Lee mum on trade to Dodgers falling through

Lee mum on trade to Dodgers falling through

PITTSBURGH -- Astros first baseman Carlos Lee didn't have much to say to reporters on Monday in Pittsburgh, one day after a proposed trade to the Dodgers fell through. The Dodgers backed out while awaiting a decision on whether Lee would waive his limited no-trade clause.

Lee, who's in the final year of a six-year, $100 million deal, said Saturday he wanted to make a decision by the end of the weekend, but he left Chicago on Sunday saying he needed more time. The Dodgers pulled the plug on Sunday.

"When I'm ready to talk, I'll come to you," Lee politely told reporters at PNC Park prior to the game against the Pirates.

Astros manager Brad Mills, who had sit-down chats with Lee on Saturday and Sunday at Wrigley Field, doesn't think the situation will have a negative influence on Lee or the club, and there certainly didn't appear to be bad feelings as Lee joked with teammates on the field Monday.

"You try to smooth that out as much as you can," Mills said. "It comes down to he played by the rules and he exercised them. I don't know if there's awkwardness or not. I haven't sensed awkwardness in the clubhouse from any players or him. We'll see how that is moving forward, but I'm not expecting any problems at all."