Luhnow sees Clemens in development role

Luhnow sees Clemens in development role

Luhnow sees Clemens in development role
HOUSTON -- Now that Astros owner Jim Crane has reached out to seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens about getting involved in the organization with his legal troubles behind him, general manager Jeff Luhnow said he'd love to have Clemens play a role in player development.

Clemens signed a 10-year personal services contract with the Astros that kicked in when he retired following the 2007 season. Clemens hasn't been involved in the Houston organization since leaving to join the Yankees in '07.

"It's great to have former players, who've had a great deal of success in the Major League level, involved in the organization," Luhnow said. "Everybody has a certain level of expertise, and in Roger's case, a lot of what we're trying to teach the pitchers, with respect to the delivery, the approach to the game and the work ethic, he's excelled at all that. He's great to have a living, breathing example of what we're trying to teach, so that has the potential to have a big impact."

Luhnow isn't exactly sure what kind of role Clemens would have if he becomes more involved. The Astros have several former players serving as special assistants, with former players Enos Cabell and Craig Biggio more active than Jeff Bagwell.

"There's no question every Minor League affiliate would love to have Roger Clemens come and visit and talk to the pitchers, and the pitchers in the big leagues would love to talk to him," Luhnow said. "We just have to see how much time he has available to dedicate to this and what area he'll be best served. We'll work it out, I'm sure."

Astros manager Brad Mills is on board with Clemens returning.

"I'm thrilled with the way things have transpired over the last couple days," he said.