Moehler working on mechanics

Moehler working on mechanics

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Moehler has the second-highest win total of all Astros pitchers and has proven to be one of the club's most reliable starters over the past several months . Still, lately, the right-hander hasn't felt quite right mechanically, and he has admitted he's been lucky to get through some of his most recent outings.

Following the Astros' win over the Brewers on Tuesday night, Moehler explained that he was a bit out of whack -- he's not staying back on the rubber, he's jumping toward the plate, he's pretty much rushing everything.

Still, the results have been favorable. Moehler is 3-0 with a 2.38 ERA over four starts this month, and he allowed zero or one run in each of those three wins.

But Moehler feels there is work to be done. Understanding the problem is part of the battle, but fixing it is a challenge. Moehler always throws two bullpen sessions between starts, and beginning Friday, he'll go back to the drawing board.

"You might have good results, but you can still get in a habit, and it's a bad habit that's hard to break sometimes," Moehler said. "It's a feel thing. It just takes getting comfortable on the mound. I can go to the bullpen and get comfortable, but like [Tuesday] night, the first few innings, I felt like I was rushing everything. I was just fighting mechanics, the ball was running, I hit a guy. It's like fighting a habit."

Repetition is the key to working out of a bad habit, and Moehler will focus on that during his two bullpen sessions before his next start, set for Monday against the Mets.

"I know what I'm doing wrong, but it's not easy to fix it," he said. "If your body doesn't feel comfortable, it's something you just have to get in repetition. My mechanics are pretty simple. I don't have a lot of movement. But it doesn't take much to get out of whack."

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