Schafer still bothered by flu-like illness

Schafer still bothered by flu-like illness

SAN FRANCISCO -- With left-hander Madison Bumgarner facing the Astros on Tuesday, Houston manager Brad Mills stacked his lineup full of right-handed hitters. Mills said that's why center fielder Jordan Schafer wasn't in the lineup, but Schafer is still trying to shake an illness.

Schafer declined a request to be interviewed, saying only that he still doesn't feel well. Schafer has been dealing with a flu-like illness for more than a week. Sickness has made its way around the clubhouse in recent days, with Mills and third baseman Chris Johnson both overcoming illnesses.

"He's the only guy that seemed like was still under the weather, even though he stayed in bed most of the day [Monday]," Mills said. "We're hoping he can get out there and get moving around a little bit and take some swings and some fly balls. That might be the best thing for him."

Mills said Schafer has been examined by doctors and is on antibiotics.

"And believe it or not, he's starting to feel better, but it has drawn on for quite some time," Mills said.