Johnson feeling better; Schafer has pink eye

Johnson feeling better; Schafer has pink eye

Johnson feeling better; Schafer has pink eye
CHICAGO -- Astros third baseman Chris Johnson's ailment seems to be passing, while center fielder Jordan Schafer's is getting worse.

Johnson was back in the lineup for Sunday's game after leaving in the sixth inning on Friday with nausea. Schafer, who also hadn't been in the lineup since Friday, remained on the bench after showing up to the clubhouse with pink eye on Sunday morning.

"[Schafer] texted me in the morning and said he's feeling pretty good," Astros manager Brad Mills said. "Then he came in and was hacking all over as he walked through the door."

Mills said the trainers came running to him when they noticed how pink Schafer's eye was.

"With that situation, we just said, 'Hey, let's not push this," Mills said. "Not a cloud in the sky today, it's not really a good day to have eye problems."

Johnson said he wasn't feeling well before Friday's series opener, and the sickness reached its peak midway through the game. He said he's still not 100 percent, but he felt better yesterday and he's progressively getting healthier.

Mills has juggled the lineup to adjust for sicknesses and injuries throughout the series. He welcomed Johnson's bat back in the order.

"It's probably the sicknesses that have been the toughest thing," Mills said. "We didn't have a lineup until real late this morning. We had to wait to see how CJ was and how [Schafer] was coming in."