Lineup adjusted in American League ballpark

Lineup adjusted in American League ballpark

CHICAGO -- The Astros traveled to play the White Sox for the first time since 2007, when they took two of three from the South Siders.

Wandy Rodriguez, Friday night's starting hurler, took the loss in the only game the Astros dropped during that series.

"Basically, it's going to be a situation where we have to rely a lot on video and going back and seeing certain situations and just reading a lot about them," said manager Brad Mills. "We've got some pretty good reports that we've read through, although being a short turnaround, that's the big thing."

Mills said the designated hitter in an Interleague series changes the way the game is played. J.D. Martinez filled that role Friday, while Justin Maxwell was in left field. Mills hadn't decided who his designated hitter will be the rest of the series.

"I think Maxie gives us a little bit more coverage out in the outfield," Mills said. "J.D.'s probably got a little better arm, but especially in left field with Wandy on the mound, a left-hander, having a guy out there who can cover a little bit more ground, that was it."