Handling of reviewed double frustrates Mills

Handling of reviewed double frustrates Mills

Handling of reviewed double frustrates Mills
HOUSTON -- Astros manager Brad Mills on Saturday called for a more consistent league-wide approach to reviewing borderline home run calls on instant replay after the umpires told Mills on Sunday they didn't have a good enough camera angle to overturn a controversial call Saturday.

In the third inning of Saturday's loss to the Reds, Fernando Martinez hit a ball that caromed off the top of the wall in left field and bounced back into play. It was rule a doubled, but Mills thought the ball had struck the green railing just above the yellow line, which would have been a home run.

After a lengthy review, umpire Jim Joyce told Mills the replay views weren't adequate to overturn the call.

"He said the only feeds they had weren't very good and that they were trying to get a better feed from FOX, and that's why it took so long, because they didn't have a real good feed to look at," Mills said. "I'm embarrassed for Major League Baseball, because with everything being televised and all the technology they have, they don't have something better to show than that? That's embarrassing."

Saturday's game was televised nationally by FOX, which meant there were fewer camera angles available than if both of the teams' regional networks had been showing the game. It was also brought to Mills' attention that the Astros-Reds game wasn't the premier game on the network on Saturday, which may have contributed to the lack of feeds.

"If they're going to utilize cameras for the home runs, they've got to have cameras to get good looks," Mills said. "That's all there is to it. That's common sense. If FOX or whoever isn't going to have the cameras here because they've labeled these games, they shouldn't be allowed to do it. That's my opinion. We have to be able to have those things covered."

Mills goes over Minute Maid Park grounds rules prior to each series and reminds the umpires of the green railing just above the left-field wall.