Thrilling play aside, Schafer no fan of Tal's Hill

Thrilling play aside, Schafer no fan of Tal's Hill

HOUSTON -- If the Astros decide to remove Tal's Hill in center field, Jordan Schafer will be a happy man.

Schafer, who ran all the way up the hill in the eighth inning Saturday to track down a fly ball off the bat of Mike Costanzo, said players are at risk of getting injured when running up the hill. So far, in the 13-year history of the ballpark, no player has known to get injured running up the hill.

"I'm not too fond of that hill out there," Schafer said. "I hope they get rid of it next year. I feel like I could fall on my face."

The catch Schafer made Saturday was the first time he's actually ran all the way up the hill, which is a rare play. Michael Bourn made a habit of making terrific plays on the hill, but even Lance Berkman and Craig Biggio had their share of nice catches on the berm.

"I just think it's a matter of time before someone gets hurt," Schafer said. "For me, it would be a shame to see somebody tear an ACL and be out for the year because they're running up a hill. It's something unique about our park, but I'd rather be healthy all year instead of run up a hill and tear an ACL."