Mills trying to find reason for road woes

Mills trying to find reason for road woes

DENVER -- Astros manager Brad Mills said he recently spent some time pondering his team's dramatic difference in play when it's at home vs. on the road. Houston is 16-10 at home and began play Thursday at 6-18 on the road.

Mills wasn't able to come to a consensus why his team has played poorer on the road, but he reminded reporters the Astros have suffered six walk-off losses, which is a testament to how competitive they have been in some of their road games.

"When you have a younger group of guys, you have to get used to a routine on the road," Mills said. "I'm just thinking of things off the top of my head what it could be. What time to do you get up? When do you get to the ballpark? That's a little bit different than at home.

"We've tried to go through that process and I've worked with guys and talked with them. One of the biggest things is we don't get a chance to come out and do our early work [while on the road]. We do that at home. We come out and take a lot of infield work, a lot of bunting. Our pitchers hit on the field."

Mills said all those factors combined have probably helped contribute to the Astros' road woes.