Schafer won't abandon aggressive style

Schafer won't abandon aggressive style

HOUSTON -- Don't expect Astros center fielder Jordan Schafer to change the way he plays the game despite taking more punishment this season than a crash-test dummy.

Schafer, who was in the lineup Tuesday after being hit on the knee by a pitch the night before, has been through an assortment of injuries and discomfort in the first month of the season, ranging from a sprained hand suffered in Spring Training to some lower back/hip tightness.

"That's just part of playing the game," said Schafer, who battled various injuries coming up through the Braves' system. "I'm not going to shy away from playing the game hard to not get dinged up."

The way Schafer sees it, being a speedy center fielder who is active on the basepaths lends itself to various ailments, whether it's running into a wall like he did in Cincinnati earlier this year, or fouling a ball off his foot, which has also happened this year. He also got hit in the head while sliding into second base in Washington and was dizzy.

"If you play a position like center field, and you're a guy that steals bases and can run, I think your body is going to be a lot more dinged up than somebody who plays left field or first base who's not going to be able to run and plays pretty stationary," he said. "There's so many different things throughout the game, whether it's running into the wall or diving in the outfield, stealing bases, my body goes through a lot. I feel fine for the most part. I still have some soreness, but nothing serious."