Crane takes in new Marlins ballpark with team

Crane takes in new Marlins ballpark with team

MIAMI -- Jim Crane was at Marlins Park on Friday night for his first road game as the Astros owner. Crane owns the Floridian National Golf Club, about 110 miles north of Miami, and said he has some big business ties in the area.

Crane, who was accompanied on the trip by, among others, professional golfer Blaine McCallister and Astros senior vice president/events and guest services Marty Price, likes what he saw in the Marlins new ballpark.

"It's pretty cool looking," he said. "It takes a little while to get adjusted to it, but I think it's well-designed. It looks a little flashier on TV, but when you get in here it really kind of flows well and has a cool flavor and look."

Crane has toured several Spring Training sites in Florida and took a good look around Marlins Park on Friday to get some ideas to perhaps bring back to Houston.

"I think what we want to do this year everywhere we go we'll have someone on the staff look at who's advertising [in other ballparks] and who's spending money in the park," Crane said. "We've already seen a couple of new signs we'd like to make some calls on, see how the food and concessions work so we can make improvements at our place in Houston."

Crane said the team plans to submit a new uniform design to Major League Baseball by the end of the month. He maintained what's he's said for the last two months in that the Astros are probably going to have new uniforms when they move to the American League next year.