Schafer victimizes former club with three steals

Schafer victimizes former club with three steals

HOUSTON -- Astros center fielder Jordan Schafer has the green light to run pretty much whenever he wants, and he certainly took advantage of that on Tuesday when he swiped a career-high three bases against the Braves, his former team.

Schafer entered the season with 24 stolen bases in 132 Major League games and should dwarf that total if he remains healthy this season.

"We'll see at the end of the year," he said. "I think I should be able to steal a lot of bases. As far as any certain number, I have no idea."

Schafer stole second in the third inning Tuesday and second and third in the fifth, all with Braves starter Tommy Hanson on the mound. Schafer was on first in the seventh, but didn't run with reliever Kris Medlen on the mound.

"I pretty much have the green light the entire time," he said. "Obviously, the situation in the game determines if I'm going to go. Medlin is 1.1 [seconds], 1.15 to the plate. We're down three runs there and I'm not going to take the chance with a guy that's 1.1. That's just running into an out.

"It's just kind of being smart and picking your times to go. Obviously, Tommy takes his time a little bit and he's a guy you can run on."