Wade entertained by 'Moneyball' mention

Wade entertained by 'Moneyball' mention

CINCINNATI -- Astros general manager Ed Wade is hitting the big screen -- if in name only.

Wade's name is mentioned during the movie "Moneyball," which is set for release later this week. The movie, based on the 2003 book by Michael Lewis, is about the efforts of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane to use statistical analysis to help build his team.

In the movie, Beane, who is portrayed by actor Brad Pitt, asks his secretary to get Wade on the phone. One of Wade's daughters told him a couple of months ago about his name being used in the movie, and Wade emailed Beane to ask him about it.

"I found out just before the Trade Deadline," Wade said. "Billy Beane and I were doing the usual what-are-you-looking-for kind of stuff though email. When I heard about it I asked him, 'Do I get ripped in the movie?' He said it's a very benign telephone scene."

Wade, who was general manager of the Phillies when the book was written, joked when asked about receiving any potential royalties.

"When the guy who's playing me wins the Academy Award, I'm going to expect a piece of the trophy," he said.