Mills has heart-to-heart talk with Paredes

Mills has heart-to-heart talk with Paredes

WASHINGTON -- Managers often need to give younger players a feel-good talk or two. Astros manager Brad Mills did that to rookie infielder Jimmy Paredes on Saturday.

Paredes made a throwing error in the bottom of the 11th on Friday night that gave Washington a 4-3 victory. Jayson Werth hit a bullet that Paredes knocked down, and he rushed a throw to second to try to get the force. But the throw went wide and into the outfield.

Mills said he waited until today to talk with the 22-year-old, and they discussed a number of topics. They didn't just focus on the throw, which he probably shouldn't have made with two runners on and one out.

"We talked about everything, not just that particular play," Mills said. "But things that might have led up to it and things that we hoped he's learned from it. So it wasn't just, 'Hey, don't make that play.'"

Mills has had a lot of those situations with this young team, and Paredes is a good example of how new players suffer through growing pains.

Paredes has a grand total of 34 games of Major League experience, and Mills said they discussed all kinds of things that the skipper hopes help the rookie.

"We had a good talk," Mills said.