Murders force Quintero to switch hotels

Murders force Quintero to switch hotels

PITTSBURGH -- Astros catcher Humberto Quintero, who is on a Minor League rehab stint with Triple-A Oklahoma City, was forced to switch hotels on Sunday after a police officer was shot and killed and a second person also killed in a shooting at the Doubletree in downtown Memphis, Tenn., where he was staying.

The RedHawks had just wrapped up a series against Memphis on Sunday and were taking a bus back home to Oklahoma City, but Quintero was going to spend an extra night and fly back to join the team on Monday morning.

"After the game, I came back to the hotel and went across the street -- and they said two people died and three were shot, and they didn't let me in my room," Quintero told via telephone. "I found another room a couple of minutes from there, and when I went this morning [to the Doubletree] to pick up my luggage, my room was open and someone had gone through my luggage and my computer. They didn't take anything."

Quintero suspects it was police investigators who went through his belongings as part of the investigation.

As far as his rehab stint is concerned, Quintero has gone 2-for-6 in two of his eight scheduled rehab-stint games.

"I feel like I'm almost ready to go," said Quintero, who's been on the disabled list since May 28 with a high ankle sprain.