Clark doesn't second-guess himself

Clark doesn't second-guess himself

HOUSTON -- Astros third-base coach Dave Clark was subjected to a smattering of boos in the seventh inning on Wednesday night when he held Clint Barmes at third base on a two-out double by Carlos Corporan. Both wound up stranded, and the Astros lost, 3-2, to the Rangers.

The call, however, was the correct one. Ian Kinsler's relay throw from right fielder Mitch Moreland was on the money, and Barmes likely would have been out. Even second-base umpire Bob Davidson told Clark he made the right call when the inning was over, something Clark said was unprecedented for an umpire to do.

"If that's Michael Bourn or Hunter Pence or Jason Bourgeois, 99.9 percent of the time I'm sending them," Clark said. "I even went back and looked at the replay on that, and Moreland had the ball in his hand and Barmie hadn't even got to third base. On the relay throw when Kinsler had the ball in his hand, Barmie was just at the box.

"I'm up the line and looking and seeing everything, seeing if there's a bobble and things like that. If there's a bobble, I've got to take my chances. I go back and looked at the play and replayed it in my head, and there's no way I could have sent him. As soon as Barmie got to third base he said, 'I would have been out,' and I said, 'Yeah, you really would have been.'"

When it comes to hearing boos from the crowd, Clark can deal with it, especially when he knows he made the right call.

"I do have tough skin, and I don't get mad," he said. "It's part of the game. They pay their money and they can boo all they want, but I know what I'm out there trying to do is help win a ballgame and my decisions a lot of times are crucial. When I feel like I've made the right decision, I can go home and sleep good at night."