Wallace sees results at plate after adjustment

Wallace sees results at plate after adjustment

HOUSTON -- A small adjustment in his batting stance has helped Astros first baseman Brett Wallace find his groove.

Wallace doubled in his first at-bat Saturday, meaning he had hit safely in 13 of his last 14 starts, raising his average more than 150 points during that span. He had three hits in Friday's series opener to raise his batting average to .313.

Wallace backed his stance slightly off the plate following the season's first road trip in an effort to get a better look at pitches thrown inside.

"It's given him more of a comfort factor," Astros hitting coach Mike Barnett said. "Clubs still wanted to pound him in early, but what's happened since we backed him off is now they're trying to go more in off the plate and then go back out to his strengths, out away from him.

"I think it's allowed him to be able to use his hands on the ball that is down and on the inside part of the plate. He's getting there a lot easier."

Wallace admits he was getting too anxious and was on top of the plate trying to get a pitch to hit.

"It ended up causing me to jam myself a lot," he said. "We talked about making a small adjustment and getting back off a little bit. The ball, if it feels like it's off the plate, now it feels like it's middle-in. That's the pitch I was having trouble getting to. It's a minor adjustment, but it helps me feel more comfortable."