Mills wants Astros to remain aggressive

Mills wants Astros to remain aggressive

CINCINNATI -- While deciphering possible clues to the Astros' offensive woes through four games, one item on the stat sheet stood out -- five.

The Astros drew just five walks in the first four games, two by Michael Bourn. By comparison their opponents had 15 walks with an on-base percentage of .405.

"Everybody can play GM when you look at a stat sheet," said first baseman Brett Wallace. "I think the whole on-base percentage thing is kind of skewed."

Astros manager Brad Mills continues to stress quality at-bats to his hitters, and the message is beginning to pay off. In the first inning on Wednesday, the Astros drew three walks, including one with the bases loaded by Wallace leading them to a four-run inning.

Wallace said Astros hitters want to be more patient, but not if it means sacrificing aggressiveness.

"You definitely want to stick to a gameplan," he said. "But if I'm looking for a certain pitch ... I don't want to take it just to be selective. Once balls start falling you'll see the on-base percentage go up."