Rowland-Smith committed to contact lenses

Rowland-Smith committed to contact lenses

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Ryan Rowland-Smith's trademark glasses are no more. At the encouragement of his sister, Rowland-Smith has ditched the glasses he had worn for most of his career in favor of contact lenses.

Rowland-Smith has astigmatism and has found wearing contact lenses to be uncomfortable in the past, but he finally found the right combination.

"As far as the glasses go, it's just a distraction," Rowland-Smith said. "They fog up. I just worked on it this offseason, and on Christmas Day, my sister -- she wears contacts -- she said, 'Lets get it done.' Every day, we worked on it, and I finally got it."

Rowland-Smith wore contacts in 2005 with the assistance of a trainer because he had so much difficulty putting them in. Still, he couldn't see very well and went back to wearing glasses. He insists he's committed to contacts this time.

"It's more about being able to see and not worrying about sweat and fog," Rowland-Smith said. "Plus, my mom says she could never get used to me wearing glasses."