Castro to finish what he started at Stanford

Castro to finish what he started at Stanford

PITTSBURGH -- Astros rookie catcher Jason Castro will trade in his scouting reports at the end of the season for text books.

Castro has re-enrolled at Stanford University in an attempt to finish his degree in sociology with an emphasis on business and the economy. The Astros drafted Castro in the first round in 2008 out of Stanford, leaving Castro about four classes shy of earning a degree.

"I'm so close to finishing and to get a degree from anywhere is really an important thing," Castro said. "You can't play baseball forever. We all like to think we're going to play a long career, but it's good to have a backup plan. It's an accomplishment not everyone gets to necessarily get. I'm so close, there's no reason why I shouldn't go back."

Castro plans to take two classes this quarter and then two more hopefully next offseason. The season ends next Sunday, then Castro plans to be in class on Wednesday in an attempt to cram for exams that will take place shortly thereafter.

"A huge thing in my family is the importance of an education," he said. "They really stressed to me how important it was to finish, and I'm going to make sure I can do everything I can to get that done."