Mills not concerned about Oswalt situation

Mills not concerned about Oswalt situation

HOUSTON -- Astros manager Brad Mills said he and Roy Oswalt had a discussion on Friday night about the club's admission the ace pitcher had asked to be traded, and Mills is ready to put the situation behind him.

"I was fine with everything," Mills said. "He was in a good frame of mind, I thought. I'm going to leave it at that. I'm really not going to give it a second thought. He's been very open with me and [pitching coach Brad Arnsberg] and [general manager] Ed [Wade], as far as I know. Everything was fine. I thought he handled everything well."

Oswalt's agent informed owner Drayton McLane this week that the right-hander would like to be traded. Oswalt addressed the media prior to Saturday's game and said he would like to be traded to a contender, but reiterated he hasn't demanded a trade.

Mills doesn't think the Oswalt situation will serve as a distraction in the clubhouse.

"It definitely is blown up a lot more outside of the clubhouse than what is going on in the clubhouse," he said.